Bedding, in horticulture, refers to the temporary planting of fast-growing plants into flower beds to create colourful, temporary, seasonal displays, during spring, summer or winter. Plants used for bedding are generally annuals, biennials or tender perennials; succulents and tropical plants are gaining in popularity.`

A plant that has already been grown to blooming or near-blooming size before being planted out, usually in a formal area for seasonal display;

Bedding plants are really all plants that, irrespective of their growing habits, are used to make a temporary show;

For example, hardy bulbs (Hyacinths and Tulips), hardy and half-hardy perennials (Chrysanthemums), and even tender shrubs (Castor Oil Plant);

But ‘bedding’ is usually taken to mean those half-hardy annuals or half-hardy perennials planted out to make a splash of colour in the summer, spring or winter;