unity in a small area/section of a garden; cohesive joining up of these small areas into a larger garden`

Unity and cohesion Unity and cohesion can be created by use of a limited palate of colours. By use of hard landscaping materials that match each other and the house. Repetition of shapes e.g. circles Rhythm or pattern. Understand the effective and appropriate use of hard landscaping materials.

How to use hard landscaping to create cohesion in garden design? Use identical materials to those that the house is built in for paths/walls; Reflect any motif or pattern used in the house, perhaps on a building or seat; Use local stone where available to link with the landscape/buildings or walls; Use a limited number of hard landscape materials; Consider the scale and proportion of features; Consider the use of colours and styles to be appropriate to the site. Consider the shape, style, theme and colour of the material or garden feature, e.g., a Lutyens bench or a circular tree seat to act as a focal point to provide emphasis on an area.