These contain a mixture of different nutrients, and may be balanced (containing similar proportions of all the major plant nutrients) or may supply more of some nutrients than others, as per the requirements of different crops. They may be organic or inorganic, or contain both. A commercially produced mixture of fertilizers; Feeding differing ratio of N.P.K.; Can be as a powder (J.I. Base) or formed into a granular form Growmore; Easy to use; Differing products can be used to suit differing situations – Toprose/Top Lawn; Less chance of creating an imbalance in the soil; Compounds: Growmore 7, 7, 7% or 1-1-1; Blood, fish and bone 6, 7, 6 % (question the source of potash for true organic); Toprose 5, 6, 12; Top Lawn 10, 5, 3; John Innes Base 5-7, 5, 10. `