Mostly shades of green due to forms of chlorophyll present in the leaf. Acts in photosynthesis, and also protects the leaf. Variegation in leaves can be caused by chimeral (some tissue not producing chlorophyll). Yellow edge: Elaeagnus x ebbingei “Gilt Edge”. Yellow patch in centre of leaf: Elaeagnus x ebbingei “Limelight”. Reflective/blister variegation (air under the epidermis): Pilea cadierei “Aluminium Plant”. Pigmentation – several different pigments in the leaf or overlapping one another: Chlorophyll alpha – green. Chlorophyll beta – green. Carotenoids – yellows/oranges. (3 involved in photosynthesis). Anthocyanins – red/purple/blue. Pathological – virus present in the leaves causing: Mosaic patterns – Abutilon “Cannington Peter”. Vein clearing – Pelargonium peltatum “Sussex Lace”. Spots – Ligularia tussilaginea “Aureo-maculata”.