Liquid fertilisers or soluble powders and granules can be dissolved or diluted and watered onto plant roots during the growing season to give them an instant boost. They are mainly used for feeding glasshouse crops, pot plants and bedding. The nutrients in liquid fertilisers are instantly available. Care must be taken to avoid leaf contact, which can cause scorching.

As top dressing; Applied as a liquid to a growing crop after the effect of the base has worn off, 6/8 weeks after potting; To keep the plant growing – mostly containers/pot plants/hanging baskets (but can be applied to lawns/flower beds, etc.); Easily dissolving, quick acting, give weekly; Must be applied to moist compost so as not to scorch the roots; Miracle Grow (high ratio of nitrogen); Tomato feed, Seaweed liquid Crystals/or liquid form; Measured out into a watering can and watered onto the pot (small scale) (or applied through a dilutor into the water supply/hose pipe); Growers can manipulate plant more easily using liquid feeds as it is possible to change from one product to another. Fuchsia growers can use high nitrogen to promote growth then change to high potash to promote flowers; Constant heavy feeding can result in a build-up of residue salt in the compost that might need flushing through. `