Material that once was living; Organic must contain Carbon; Often requiring bacterial activity to release the nutrient to the plant (can be considered slow acting); Bulky – farmyard manures/compost: A large volume of organic matter with a small amount of nutrients; Applied in large volumes so the low nutrient value becomes a useful amount; Has a high effect on the soil as an organic matter (building up soil structure/ becoming humus).

Organic Fertiliser: Processed/ground-up organic material; Hoof and horn 14% N, 2% P, bone meal 4% N, 20 % P; A small volume of organic matter with a large amount of nutrients; Applied in small volumes with high nutrient value, but no effect as a bulky organic material on the soil; Organic is considered less damaging as it breaks down leaving natural residues in the soil where inorganic leave residue salts. Inorganic salts can build up (especially in containers).