Peat Free: (Many mixtures have and are still being tried as a replacement for peat). Coir coconut fibre (oil miles)?? – wet in the bottom of the pot/dry on the top, if used on its own (good in a mixture); Not very available currently? Composted green waste, widely used but may Variable in pH and texture ( depending on process and original material, may harbour pathogens though becoming less of a problem as processing becomes more standard.– Composted bark – consistent – you need to learn how to use it. Use as for peat although proves difficult to manage and produce good plants easily; Recommended by RHS. Sylva fibre Ericaceous – a loam/peat or peat free compost with a LOW acid pH making it suitable for growing acid loving plants in containers. Needs to be kept acid by use of acid water/liquid feeds (Miracid) or a top dressing with ericaceous compost.