Identify the environmental implication of peat in growing media. In the 1990s the issue was first brought up by the R.S.P.B. as a concern over the loss of wet land habitat for birds. They were joined by the National Trust and lobbied the government. It was said that stopping the use of peat in horticulture would be a way to mark the millennium. Research work started to find suitable alternative materials for making composts. The National Trust made 3 attempts to develop their own brand of compost (failed) – and the millennium came and went.

The coalition government has brought back the issue as a way of Britain cutting its carbon footprint and the same environmental issues. They are requesting that local authorities stop the use of peat by 2015, the public stop the use of peat by 2020 and commercial users by 2030. It is still difficult to find a stable and uniform compost that grows plants easily.