Identify the differences between conifers and flowering plants; conifers - mostly evergreen, woody, cones, and naked seeds, perennials. Flowering plants - evergreen and deciduous, herbaceous and woody, flowers and enclosed seeds, all life cycles.

|feature | Conifer (Gymnosperm)| Flowering (Angiosperm) | |–|–|–| |Deciduousness|Mostly Evergreen |Evergreen AND Deciduous | |Flowers and Seeds|Cones, Naked seeds |Flowers, Enclosed seed | |Life cycle|Perennial |All life cycles (perennial, biennial, annual) | |Woodiness|Woody |Woody and herbaceous |

Describe the differences between monocotyledons and dicotyledons: features of root, stem, leaf, flower and seed including internal arrangements of vascular bundles in stems and roots.

feature Monocot Dicot
Number of cotyledons 1 2
Leaves Narrow with parallel veins Broad with branching veins
Roots Fibrous Usually tap root
Vascular bundles Scattered throughout stems and roots Arranged in a ring around stems and roots
Flower parts in 3s in 4s or 5s

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