Slopes to include inclines on grass, ramps, steps.

Slopes to include inclines on grass, ramps, steps.{: .notice–warning}

Exemplar: Hazards of materials to include splinters, sharp edges (possible limitation of re-used, reclaimed and recycled materials), slippery surfaces. Hazards of construction not required.

Where a pathway under trees which is dark is a potential hazard (trips and slips);

Plant material/walls obstructing “lines of sight” coming out onto roads (causing poor visibility).

Hazard – steepness of the slope;

Risk of slipping down the slope causing grazes or broken bones.

Ponds – as a feature in themselves possess a hazard/risk (water and drowning);

Water – drowning; sprinklers systems/drift of water spray from fountains making paths slippery; puddles freezing in winter/slippery;

Electrocution if cable cut while digging or cut when using a hedge cutter. Water and electricity do not mix. Dropping equipment in pond. All wiring or installing of electrical equipment should be done professionally.

Wood – hazards – splinters; features falling as wood rots, and under the weight of plants; becoming slippery with the growth of algae on decking causing injury; Stone or glass (being abrasive if fallen onto, causing injury); Non porous materials for paths or patios, causing puddles (slips and injury).

Toxic sap, thorns, spikes, hairs causing allergic reaction and poisonous seeds.

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