Define climbers AND wall shrubs Examples could include: Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris Lonicera japonica

CLIMBER Climbing plants are plants which climb up trees and other tall objects. Many of them are vines whose stems twine round trees and branches. There are quite a number of other methods of climbing Wall shrubs, by contrast, do not naturally climb. If left alone, they bush outwards and grow like shrubs. Sspecific pruning and training techniques can be used to train them.

WALL SHRUB A woody plant that can be grown as a free standing shrub but in this case it has been planted near a wall and shaped and trained to create a vertical flat plant. Climbers and wall shrubs. Back to all plant problems. Climbing plants and wall shrubs cover walls, fences, unsightly features, arches, obelisks and pergolas. True climbers take up little ground space, and are excellent choices for smaller gardens, whereas wall shrubs require more ground space.


[Jasminum nudiflorum]

[Jasminum nudiflorum]

MISSING EXAMPLES GIVE_EXAMPLES [2] : wall-shrub-full-sun

MISSING EXAMPLES GIVE_EXAMPLES [2] : wall-shrub-part-shade

MISSING EXAMPLES GIVE_EXAMPLES [2] : wall-shrub-full-shade

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