To include selection for suitable vigour, containers, growing medium, nutrition, planting techniques. Differentiate between deep water aquatics, floating, marginal plants (in containers) and also bog plants (bog garden in soil).


When to plant aquatics: Mid-spring through to early summer is the best time to purchase new plants. This is a good time to plant, as the water is warming up and plants should establish well.

Planting aquatics: Before you begin to plant, you will need the following: Containers: In smaller ponds, aquatic plants benefit from being grown in containers as this helps prevent them becoming too large and invasive. Proprietary containers (aquatic baskets) usually have lattice sides to allow water, air and other gas movement. Unless they have a very fine mesh, they should be lined with hessian or polypropylene fabrics to prevent soil washing out from the container; Soil: Compost suitable for planting aquatic plants should be a medium to heavy loam. Garden soil can be used if it is free from fertiliser and herbicides, otherwise, a proprietary aquatic compost should be used (this may contain a slow-release fertiliser that won’t seep out into the water).

How to plant: Choose an appropriate container for the size of the plant; For stability, particularly for taller plants, large rocks and stones may need to be placed in the base of containers; Part-fill the container with compost; Plants should be planted to the same depth as in the original container. However, plants with rhizomes are positioned so the rhizomes are just above the soil’s surface. Firm plants in well; Apply a thin layer of grit or fine gravel to prevent fish from stirring up the compost.

Different plants for different places: Different plants are adapted to grow in different locations in and around the pond. It is best to choose the right one for the location you have in mind so that they are successful.


Construction of pond not required (see R2111).

Construction of pond not required (see R2111).{: .notice–warning}

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