To include: timing, site preparation (hand cultivation, weed eradication methods, consolidation, levelling, base dressing stating both the ingredients and rate), seed sowing (techniques, mixtures, rates as grams per square metre), protection, irrigation, first cut.


Cultivations before sowing: Cultivation (digging vs rotavating); First levelling, consolidate, levelling; (Rolling); (Stale seed bed); Pre-seeding fertiliser raked in; Sow as soon as conditions suit; Seed can be stored; Mark out dimension of lawn; Select type of mixture required: Calculate seed quantity to purchase; Area x sowing rate; Fine lawn 30gm per m²; General 20-25gm per m²; General with Rye grass 15-20gm per m²; Allow to keep some seed in reserve for patching up.

Sowing: Sowing by hand or drill: Sow half the seeds lengthways; Sow the other half crossways; Divide large areas into smaller sections; Calibrate drill to grass seeds; Sow during dry, calm weather; Rake after sowing, protect from birds; Irrigate if necessary.

After germination: Roll when grass is 5cm high to firm soil and induce tillering; Cut with sharp bladed mower (no front roller); Progressively reduce cut height; Control weeds, dig out seedlings of perennial weeds and course grasses, Annuals will mow out; Limit use during first season; Feed and irrigate; Watch for damping-off disease (water with a fungicide if necessary).

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