To include: timing, site preparation (hand cultivation, weed eradication methods, consolidation, levelling, base dressing stating both the ingredients and rate), laying techniques, top dressing naming material, irrigation. Do not include drainage systems.


When to turf: October to March (all year round). Buying turf: Quality of grass, soil and roots – inspection; Uniform colour, thickness; Weed / patch / stone / pest / disease free; Trimming turf needed; Calculate area, add 5-10% for wastage. Before laying: Cultivation; Weeding; Levelling & rolling; Fertilising; Lay as soon as delivered; Store flat in shade and irrigate; Mark out dimension of lawn. Laying turf: Lay row along the most accessible edge; Or use a garden line as guide; Lay in straight lines tight to edge; Place a plank on laid turf to firm; Work forwards, facing unturfed area; Avoid walking on turf use planks; Stagger successive lines using half turves; Overlay any edges that need to be formed, e.g., curved beds (cut edge when turf is established). N.B. If small pieces are needed insert into the lawn, do not put on the end (will dry out). After laying: Firm the turf with roller or turfing boards; Apply top dressing into crevices with a broom; Irrigate; Top only with mower for first cuts.

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