Method for sowing larger seeds in holes at regular spaces, usually 2 or 3 per hole. Also called SPACE SOWING. Compare DRILL SOWING`

This is a good way to sow seed economically, since less thinning will be needed after the seeds germinate.

Station sowing is for larger seeds like broad beans and peas. Prepare the ground in the same way but instead of making a drill, make holes at the appropriate distances along the line. Often peas and beans are sown in a staggered double row. Drop the seeds into the holes one by one. It is customary to sow three seeds per station – one for you, one for the birds, and one for luck.

Sow two or three seeds every few centimentres or where one final plant is intended. The easiest way to do this is by marking out a grid pattern and sowing the seed at the ‘stations’ where the rows cross Once the seeds have come up, choose the healthiest and ‘thin out’ the others