Storage of produce is affected by respiration: Controlled atmosphere storage for apples. In special stores the conditions can be controlled.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Levels: Between 0.5 and 2.5% depending on the cultivar (O2 taken down CO2 taken up and controlled by passing the air though scrubbers).

Relative Humidity: To 95% reduces transpiration and the fruit losing moisture.

Temperature: Down to 1ºC. To slow respiration rate.

All very closely monitored.

You in the Home: Place undamaged apples in a polythene bag with a small hole pierced in it. (O2 taken down, CO2 taken up by the natural respiration) and place in fridge; Seed storage – foil packet seed (Suttons) are sealed with a low humidity atmosphere; the seeds stay viable for a longer time if unopened than the same seeds in a paper packet; In the home seeds will store longer if the rate of respiration is lowered. Store dry seeds in paper packets by placing in: An air tight container (natural respiration will lower the O2 and raise the CO2); Place a silica pouch in to lower the relative humidity; Place in the bottom of the fridge for low temperature, do not freeze.