This is the application of quick-acting fertilisers to the soil surface around plants to stimulate growth, and is usually carried out in spring at the start of the growing season. Take care to avoid leaf contact, which can cause scorching, and to protect against over application, which could cause root damage and pollution of ground water.

A fertilizer applied to a growing crop to keep it growing after the effect of the base feed has worn off; Can be a compound or straight; Easily applied, but may scorch the foliage of the plants; “Growmore” quick acting so repeated as a top dressing 6/8 weeks after applying as a base feed. Needs to be mixed into the soil by hoeing it in as not very soluble; Sulphate of ammonia applied to lawns spring and early summer to keep the grass green and growing. Very soluble, apply evenly before rain or water in (not applied after August).