Bedding display made of a range (mainly large plants) of half-hardy, and tender annual and perennial plants to recreate a jungle effect.`

Tropical bedding displays can present a tapestry of magnificent colours and textures with plants that were popular in Victorian gardens and traditional bedding schemes;

With their bold leaves and distinctive colours, the stars are always Cannas, Coleus, and Begonia; Many flowering plants also provide vivid colour while maintaining tropical appeal like Fuchsias, Hibiscus, and Canna;

There are a number of foliage plants that can be incorporated into the tropical border;

Foliage plants give tropical borders height and texture, while mimicking the look and feel of a real jungle oasis;

Anything ranging through from Hostas, Ferns and Elephant Ears to Bamboos, Palms and Ornamental Grasses – the possibilities are endless;

Examples: Canna indica, Ricinus communis.