see hydroponics Food Production: Particularly tomatoes cucumbers pepper and salad crops. Green Walls: Interior Landscaping:

Identify the environmental implications of growing plants in water culture.

Useful where area for production is small; Useful in areas of limited soil; Uses as little as 10% of water a soil-grown crop would need; As it is possible to grow crops anywhere, there are likely to be less food miles involved therefore less CO2 impact; Growhouses in inner London and New York Cost of production means only high-value crops are grown; or quick turnover High system set up costs (cheap in the long run); Rock wool is indestructible and cannot be reused or recycled, it must go to land fill; Energy/cost of material/chemical production. Cannot survive without skilled staff to set up and monitor, Would not work when irregular electricity or main water. Usually linked to controlled lighting and heating. `